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Obfuscating The Obvious

The latest attempt by the Obamanista regime to make Queen Michelle appear to be “just one of the regular folks” has failed miserably. At least to some degree.

Last Friday, Michelle Obama was “caught” while shopping “incognito” at an Alexandria, Virginia Target department store. According to the news sources, the First Lady likes to sneak out of the White House without telling anyone. The First Lady’s communications director, Kristina Schake says “it is not uncommon for the First Lady to slip out to run an errand, eat at a local restaurant or otherwise enjoy the city outside the White House gates.” (Source) To back up their story, the dominant liberal news outlets have devoted expensive air time during multiple news shows to gush over how down to earth the First Lady is and to splash photos of Queen Michelle out alone shopping at Target.


Michelle Obama pretending to be one of the common folk


“Incognito”? Are you serious? She “sneaks out of the White House without telling anyone”? Really? Come on now. Nobody can possibly believe this can they? Well, yes, yes they do. One Target shopper stated on camera, “She’s down to earth. She’s like regular people,” and another, who, when told Queen Michelle was shopping at Target said, “Why wouldn’t she shop at Target? Where else is there to go to get shampoo and toilet paper and bras and cat food and bananas all in one place?” (let’s hope these two have simply had a momentary lapse of reason) (Source)

Have these people lost their minds? Did they leave their intelligence under their bed along with the dust bunnies and cob webs? Even if we purposely disregard the fact that the Associated Press was alerted to this “sneak out” well in advance so they would be able to provide a photographer to capture the “sneak out” on film. Even if we ignore the fact that her cadre of Praetorian Guards were right there with her. Even if we simply dismiss the fact that there are no more then 6-8 people anywhere near the registers (even though there are at least four registers open), people still believe that the Secret Service would allow the First Lady of the United States to go about unprotected in a city where the violent crime rate is projected to rise over 2009 figures. (Source)

It is clear to me that this entire event (and “event” it would have been just contending with the logistics alone) is nothing more than a publicity stunt designed to counter the “let them eat cake” image the Obama’s have projected since King Hussein I took office back in 2008. Personally, I am offended and insulted by the Obama’s in that they would actually treat American’s as being stupid enough to fall this kind of charade. Of course, this falls right into line with the King’s viewpoint that we are a nation of backwoods ignorant folk clinging to our Bibles and guns. And I am offended and insulted by the dominant liberal media’s to play along with this charade as well.

It is blatantly obvious what the First Lady is doing, and the dominant liberal media is not simply playing along, they are helping to perpetuate this false image by obfuscating the obvious. They are insisting that this is a real occurrence, a common occurrence, and they are defining this one-act play as the actions of a common everyday housewife, engaged in the common everyday activities that every common everyday housewife engages in. They want us to ignore what we know to be true, and believe what they tell us – just like any good public relations (or propaganda ministry) would. And that is just exactly what they dominant liberal media has become – the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the Obamanista regime. Whether it’s NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO’s Little Billy Maher, or the cadre of clowns at MSNBC, these are the minister’s of propaganda, the doctor’s of disinformation, the obfuscators of the obvious, and no different in my book than Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally, Lord Haw Haw, or Pyongyang Sally. In the case of Queen Michelle’s misleading masquerade as one of the “common folk”, they have not only failed, but failed miserably.


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Mail Call for September 13, 2011

This was supposed to be for yesterday, but hey, you know how it goes sometimes!

Dear President Obama: How nice of you to give your blessing to the Taliban to open up political offices in Qatar. (Source). I see that your little buddy’s have responded by attacking our embassy in Afghanistan. How nice. I assume this is all part of your “job’s plan,” but we all thought you meant you were giving jobs to Americans, not helping a terrorist organization to expand its operations. (Source). Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, well … see ya at the polls.

P.S.: So why is it necessary for the Taliban to receive your blessing anyway?

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: Glad to see that cultural diversity training isn’t going to waste. (Source)

Dear Aviation Institute Of Maintenance of Northeast Philadelphia: My, my, my, aren’t we the understanding type! Welcome to the Anthony Weiner Fan Club. Your official membership card and t-shirt will be arriving soon. (Source)

Dear Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Just wanted to let you know that this is not a “unilateral humanitarian gesture” nor is it a “unilateral pardon.” This is what is commonly known as kidnapping and extortion. Just so ya know. By the way, you do realize that you are the son of a cur dog, because, well, you are you crazy megalomaniacal whack job. (Source)

Dear Rep. John Mica: I would like to recommend Blackwater, DynCorp, or Beni Tal as acceptable alternatives. They not only have the experience, but actually do understand what to look for, as opposed to, say, the TSA. (Source)

Dear Columbia University: I do not believe any cultural exchange program should include terrorists. Just so you know. Unless of course, you are hoping your students will be kidnapped and held for ransom. (Source)

Dear MSNBC: Thank you so much for extending the helping hand of understanding, and employing the mentally challenged, the criminally deranged, as well as certifiable whackadoodles. I expect we will soon see Muammar Gaddafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hosting political commentary programs right alongside Ed Schultz, Rachael Maddow, Chrissy Matthews, Dylan Ratigan, Al Sharpton and other asylum escapee’s right alongside your token terrorist lover, Touré. (Source)

Dear Ann Curry: Nice hijab! Does he get to beat you as well? Are you part of his harem now? Or is this just another MSM “pandering to terrorists” piece? Just asking. (Source)

Dear Eric Holder: Business as usual I see. I assume this was a joint effort between yourself, Barry Obama, and Janet Napolitano since you apparently have not been able to stop the gunwalker investigation. By choosing this tactic, I can only assume that Issa and Grassley are actually close to nailing you. (Source)

Dear American Journal of Preventive Medicine: “Oh! What big eyes you have!” “The better to see you with my dear!” “What big ears you have!” “The better to hear you with my dear!” “And what big hands you have!” “The better to grab you with my dear!!!”  (Source)

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