Mail Call for September 16, 2011

Mail’s in!

Dear Massachusetts: in case you need to be reminded: The Battle of Concord, the Battle of Lexington, the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s famous ride. The American Revolution started in your front yard. The flag we pledge allegiance too is a symbol of that revolution and our independence from Britain. Does any of this have any educational value, or have you turned so far away from your roots and your country? (Source)

Dear Rep. Schakowsky: Try it. That’s all I can say. Just try it. (Source)

Dear President Obama: Didn’t work last time, won’t work this time. (Source)

Dear Palestinians: I look forward to the day that Israel fires up a fleet of D9 cats and pushes you all into the sea. Then you can party with bin Laden. (Source)

Dear Rep. Waxman: I assume you have your Obersturmführer uniform is currently being tailored. By the way, I can’t help but noticing, you aren’t related to the Phantom of the Opera are you? (Source)

Dear President Obama: Your kufi is showing. (Source)

Dear President Obama: Way to go! I’ll wager this took quite a bit of thought, putting a terrorist supporting country on a counter terrorism committee, while at the same time excluding a country rife with counter terrorism experts. Putz. (Source)

Dear Ford Motor Company: I love you! (Source)

Dear President Obama: In case you have yet to notice, the stimulus did not work. Solyndra ($535 million down the drain), Evergreen Solar ($5.3 million down the drain – it’s jobs are now going to China), SpectraWatt ($500,000 flushed away), Mountain Plaza ($424,000 gone with the wind), Olsen’s Mills ($10 million going, going, gone!). Great job of piddling away our money. Thanks Barry. (Source)

Dear Rahm Emmanuel: Good to see Chicago politics haven’t changed one iota over the years. It’s still business as usual. Strong arming, extortion, etc. I assume you have your baseball bat battalion standing at the ready? (Source)

Dear Denver: The answer would be “racial motivation.” It’s all the rage these days. Just so ya know. (Source)

Dear New York: I find it quite telling that the woman walking in front of your anti-Israel poster is a muslim. As they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. By the way, Mayor Bloomberg, your kufi is crooked. (Source)


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