Madman With A Gun

Remember Jared Loughner? The nut job down in Arizona who pulled a gun and shot several people including a young girl, a judge and a congresswoman? The hue and cry from the left was loud and clear – “How could this mentally ill man get a weapon? He was a known danger to society and yet he was allowed to purchase a weapon! In order to protect us all WE MUST BAN ALL GUNS!” They rattled their political sabers, and they huffed and puffed and beat on their chests all because one lone whackadoodle went on a rampage. That moment in Arizona was a terrifying moment to be sure, and something must be done to protect the citizenry from loons in our country.

But I wonder where the hue and cry is when someone like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the official Oofty McGoofty of Iran gets his hands on nuclear weapons? I wrote about the possibility of this happening back in July of this year (click here to read that article), and now it appears that there is “credible evidence” (as noted by the U.N.) that this is exactly what Ahmadamnutjob is working on. And yet, where is the hue and cry? Where is the demand for protection from the left (or anywhere else for that matter)? The U.N. wants to inspect the Iranian facilities where they suspect he is creating nuclear warhead material, the nut job says no, and the U.N. backs down. Ever get that feeling of Déjà vu?

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