A Fifth Column Move?

Recently, one Abdul Hassan has petitioned the Federal Election Commission to give an opinion as to whether or not he can legitimately run for President of the United States. Hassan is asking because although he is an American citizen, he was not born in this country. He was born in Guyana in 1974, thus, he is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the United States Constitution.

Hassan's Petition pg1 - Click to Enlarge

Hassan's Petition pg2 - Click to Enlarge

What is interesting about this situation is that not only is the Federal Election Commission not authorized to make this sort of determination (they are authorized to monitor campaign finances, and investigate and prosecute should any violation of campaign finance laws occur), but even more interesting is that if the FEC does agree that Hassan can run for President, a dangerous, a very dangerous precedent will be set.

Not that I think for even a second that Hassan could ever win the White House, nor do I believe his candidacy is even about becoming President. I believe that the single and solitary reason this situation exists is to see if the Supreme Court and Congress will step in and overrule any opinions the FEC gives in support of Hassan.

If the FEC does give an opinion in support of Hassan’s candidacy, and if it goes unchallenged, then the “natural born citizen” requirement as stated in the U.S. Constitution is null and void. If Hassan does run (which I am sure he will if he receives the FEC’s support), then although he will lose the election, I am certain that his campaign will be closely monitored as well as the reaction of the American people to ascertain whether or not it would be possible to elect a foreign born citizen to the White House.

Is this something as innocent as a patriotic foreign born citizen desiring to serve his country? It is possible. I am sure there are many in this country who fit that description, as evidenced by those serving in our armed forces. However, this could also be a “testing of the waters” so to speak, by a fifth column movement within our country. Specifically, an islamic fifth column.

Now maybe I have read too many Brad Thor and Vince Flynn novels (but I do love reading them!), and maybe I am falling into a conspiracy theory hole. Anything is possible here. That being said, however, I am nonetheless suspicious of this unknown foreign born citizen popping up out of the woodwork and declaring his candidacy. What makes me even more suspicious is that I cannot seem to find anything about him other than his petition to the FEC and his presidential candidacy website. I cannot seem to even find a photograph of the man, not even on his website, and that alone seems strange to me.

All in all, I believe this situation calls for extreme scrutiny.





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