Sarah Michele Palin-Bachmann

Today I will be reviewing Sarah Palin. No, I mean Michele Bachman. No, I mean… well, this is difficult because they are so much alike. So much so I have often wondered if they are related in some way – like twins separated at birth or something. Or maybe they’re clones. I mean really, not only do they look alike, but both are pro-life, pro-second amendment, both are advocating balancing the budget – cutting taxes – cutting spending, winning in Afghanistan or leaving with dignity, all typical conservative talking points. Yep, they’re clones – both in thought and looks

Sarah Michele Palin-Bachman

Of course I’m just joking. So put please put away your pitchforks and torches (and umbrellas). Although Palin and Bachman are similar, they do vary a bit on some of the issues. On some Palin is better and on some Bachman is better. And I will say that I do like both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman and I respect them both very much. I think they are both strong women, and both are very good leaders. I do not, however, think they are presidential material. They may have good records, politically speaking, even excellent records on some issues, but I don’t happen to think they have what it takes to be president, especially after the mess Obama and the liberals have made of America. I think the next president is going to be thrown into the deep end of the pool so to speak, and he or she will either sink or swim. It will take an exceptional individual to be able to keep his or head above water, while repairing the liberal destruction wrought upon our country.

This all said, however, I do believe both Bachman and Palin have important roles to play in this election. Again, that being said, and with all due respect, I do not want Sarah Palin to even run. I think she is currently doing the most important thing she can, and that is support for conservatives, promoting the conservative philosophy, and continually educating the American people by pointing out the lies and fallacies being presented by democrats and liberals (yes, I realize they are the same thing). There is no one better suited to be travelling around America and doing these this. The American people love her (the real Americans, not the liberal memes), and rightly so as she is down to earth, intelligent, and unafraid to speak out on the issues Americans believe in. I believe that because she is doing this, she is providing an invaluable service to the conservative candidates, conservatives across America, and the conservative cause in general.

Michele Bachman is already running, and that’s okay, I sincerely hope she sticks to her guns. But in spite of where she is in the polls, I do not think she will win the nomination, much less the election. Sad, but true. I really don’t believe either Bachman or Palin could win. However, like Palin, Michele Bachman is providing an invaluable service as well by keeping the libocrats (better term?) on their toes and not allowing them to get away with the nonsensical manure they are spreading across America. Bachman is there in the polls, she is there in the debates, she is there in their face, and I like that – a lot. She doesn’t back down even in spite of the liberal media’s unwarranted and demeaning attacks on her, as they appear to make her stronger and more determined to stand her ground. Remarkable. Most people, male and female, would not be able to do so.

I truly believe if it were not for the efforts of Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin, Obama would actually stand a chance at a second term, or at the very least be replaced by a clone, whether libocrat or RINO. I hope Bachman does not give up and I hope she stays in the race for the duration. I hope Palin does not announce her candidacy, and that she continues doing what she is doing now.


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