Herman Cain

Today I will be taking a look at presidential candidate Herman Cain and his stand on the issues. Cain is the wild card in this race. He seemingly came out of nowhere and not many really gave him a snowballs chance of getting anywhere. But then something surprising happened. People listened to his message and they liked what they heard. Here is a man with no political background, and the only experience he can draw on as president is his business background. “How ridiculous is that?” proclaimed democrat and republican pundits alike as they derided Cain’s presidential prospects.

But the unmistakable and undeniable fact of the matter is, everything he has said makes perfect sense, and the people of America are listening to him. He is the only candidate that I have seen or heard that has made as much sense as he does. Now, before I start sounding like Chris “Tingles” Matthews fawning and gushing over Obama, let’s review Cain’s stand on the issues.

Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s stand on abortion is unwavering and uncompromising. He has gone on national television and stated “I am Pro-Life from conception.” He later said in an interview, “If I were president, I would sign legislation that would protect the sanctity of life. … Additionally, I would be in favor of any legislation that would encourage adoptions as a loving and safe alternative to abortion.” He also said in another interview, “It’s not Planned Parenthood. No, it’s planned genocide. You can quote me on the that. … There’s not any planning other than to abort the baby.” No addendas, no revisions, no excuses and no compromises simply to appear as the “everyman’s candidate.” Cain’s stance on this issue shows he strongly believes in it, and will not back down in the face of condemnation from his detractors.

Cain’s view on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel also indicate strong deep-rooted beliefs and firm convictions. He has said that he believes Obama’s plan to withdraw troops is too vague and unclear. Cain said, “The President suggested that we cannot become isolationist or engage in every international conflict, but instead, we must charter a ‘middle course.’ …It seems to be yet another foggy foreign policy coming from this administration.” Cain went on to indicate that following such a plan as Obama’s could reverse any gains we may have made in Afghanistan, and in turn embolden our enemy and endanger our troops.

In an interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Cain said that he would not articulate his strategy for Afghanistan until after he wins the presidency. To some, this indicates an inability to formulate a viable plan, something he has criticized Obama about. However, when you think about this with an unbiased mind, it actually is the most sensible position of any candidate.

Cain has also said on this topic, “If the experts, the generals, the joint chiefs of staff, if they believe we can win, I’m not going to tear up the plan they give me.” In other words, he will do what he has consistently stated he would do. He will surround himself with the best experts in their respective fields, define the existing problem, and also clearly define the path to victory and then follow that path. This shows that Herman Cain is not so arrogant to believe that he knows everything, and can single handedly solve every problem. He is not an autocratic leader, nor is he a Laissez-faire leader. He is a democratic leader who is willing to engage his advisors and cabinet members to arrive at a viable and realistic solution to a problem.

With regard to Pakistan, Cain has expressed the same opinion as so many Americans have also expressed. Is Pakistan really our friend? Cain said, “First, we need to know who are real friends, and our real enemies are. The recent situation with the killing of Osama Bin Laden, raises some questions about is Pakistan our friend … We need to evaluate that relationship.”  Now with the news that Pakistan’s intelligence service allowed Chinese military engineers to examine the wreckage of one of our stealth helicopters (the one that went down during the bin Laden operation). That Pakistan, who claims to be one of our allies, would grant unfettered access to our stealth technology to one of our enemies should cause each of us to seriously question America’s relationship with Pakistan, and that is what Herman Cain is doing. I have neither seen nor heard any other candidate question Pakistan’s involvement with terrorists or China.

Conversely, Cain recognizes the legitimacy of our relationship with Israel as an ally, and he fully supports any decision that would strengthen Israel’s ability to defend itself. Thus far the Obama administration has done the exact opposite embracing Pakistan as an ally and doing everything they can to alienate Israel.

Herman Cain has indicated that not only does he believe the current economy is in dire straits, but he also believes that the Republican Congressmen are simply too cautious in their legislative approach to correct our economic problems. He feels that the American people are tired of the partisan politics, compromising, and “don’t upset the apple cart” attitude that are plaguing congress, and he advocates a deliberative “rolling up of the sleeves approach” and says he would advocate decisive cuts in both taxes and spending in order to bring our deficit back to manageable levels.

Cain has said on the subject of our economy, “As a businessman, I have an economic vision that implements real business principles…Economic guiding principles help you develop and test right ideas … Being able to have a job that can turn into a career, that is what fuels the American dream for a lot of people… The capital gains tax is a wall between people with money and people with ideas… I want to lower and get rid of that wall… The engine of our economy is the business sector… We need to fuel the engine… I don’t have a number, we are working on that… But if we do these things, I am convinced the unemployment rate would be 5 percent or less… And that all starts with bringing down debt… Prosperity is the natural state of our free market system and I want to create perpetual prosperity for America.”

In order to achieve the “perpetual prosperity” he speaks of, Cain advocates the establishment of a 23% national sales tax, and the abolishment of federal income taxes and payroll taxes, and the IRS. The result of this would not be much different than we have now. Rather than lose approximately 25% – 33% (on average) each and every paycheck to the IRS (in addition to any additional taxes due each April 15th), Americans would simply pay a flat 23% national sales tax on items they purchase.

In theory, the money saved by not paying income and payroll taxes would simply be used when paying the national sales tax. It appears to me, however, that there would be a disparity between the wealthy who would be able to afford the 23% tax on anything they purchase, and the poor and unemployed who likely would not be able to afford the tax, and would therefore be prevented from purchasing many things, including some necessities simply because they would be unable to afford the 23% national sales tax Cain is proposing.

Cain would also eliminate taxes on repatriated profits (those profits earned by America based multinational companies, and which sit in overseas bank accounts to avoid double taxation for bringing their profits back to the U.S.). This simple act alone could very well serve to stimulate the economy better than any idea yet. That these companies prefer to keep those profits out of America simply to avoid a double taxation (taxed in the country the profits are earned, and then also taxed by America upon repatriation of those profits) is a problem caused by the American government. The double taxation is keeping those profits out of our economy.

It is a simple fact that when companies can increase their profits here in America, they hire more workers, which in turn increases their productivity, which in turn increases the company’s profits even more. A simple economic fact that benefits the economy and the country. A simple economic fact that seems to have escaped most politicians, especially democrats who insist on raising taxes and increasing spending as the only way to cure our economic woes.

In the same vein, Cain also proposes a reduction of the corporate income tax from 35% to 25% (with the potential for additional decreases over time), as well as the elimination of the capital gains tax. Although these tax cuts and eliminations seem to only benefit corporations and companies, the simple fact is, as mentioned above, when the corporations and companies make more money, they employ more people, and the economy naturally flourishes.

Cain also supports a strengthening of our nations defensive capabilities and he is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. He does not, however, believe that the federal government should legislate this right, and he prefers to relinquish the legislation of the Second Amendment to the individual states. Although this would not affect me personally (as I live in a pro-gun rights state), I fear that there are many Americans who would lose their right to keep and bear arms should Cain relinquish that responsibility to the individual states, especially when it would be unconstitutional to do so.

Cain’s position on health care, specifically Obamacare, is exactly what one would expect from a free market enterprise businessman. Cain rightly recognizes that a system such as Obamacare will likely inhibit the successful growth of private enterprise in that area.

When it is all said and done, Herman Cain is not a career politician, and as he likes to say, look where having career politicians has gotten us. Herman Cain understands the American people in a way that the other candidates have not shown. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and he is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He recognizes the problems America is facing, and he has the ability to actually sit down and fix these problems rather than dance around them as is happening in Congress now.







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