From Arab Spring to Black Spring

Okay, just what in the world is going on here? Literally. We are already experiencing racial violence here in America with all black mobs going after whites (read my previous article here). Now we are seeing similar instances in England. I concede that not all of the rioters and looters in England are black, but apparently according to the reports I’ve read, the majority of them are. My question is why?

Black Rioters in England

According to Ann Coulter the problem, at least in England, is the result of the welfare system there. (Source) And this may very well be as Coulter does put forth a compelling argument supporting her theory. But I am not sure this is true here in America. For example, we are not seeing Hispanics rioting here, and a large percentage of them are on the government teat, just as a large percentage of blacks. Not to mention that we don’t see all the whites in welfare rioting either, and neither do we see American Indians rioting. Nope, just blacks; and the rioting is not random, per se, but rather their attacks are directed towards whites and other non-black individuals. Judging from their actions, the only people who are safe from these attacks are other blacks.

In England, although there are some whites and other non-blacks involved in the riots and looting, the majority of the miscreants are black. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. It is not racist to point this out (regardless of what Sharpton, Jackson and other alien life forms may think), it is simply a factual statement, and while liberals in England run around trying to appease the rioters by apologizing to them (source), and news reporters refuse to acknowledge the obvious racial roots of the riots (source), some in England are ready to take matters into their own hands (source).

Will this happen here in America as well? Will people finally get fed up with these attacks and take matters into their own hands? I sincerely hope that the authorities can and will get a handle on this situation and stop it in both countries, however, in all honesty, I don’t think they will. Too many committees, too many studies, too much hand sitting and passing the buck will occur first, and by then the “Black Spring” will end up looking like the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere.


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