Illegal Aliens and the Jobs Americans Won’t Do

Time and time again, I hear the same old song and dance about how badly we need illegal aliens in America, simply because they will do the jobs that Americans simply will not do. I am not sure I believe that to be true. What I do know is that many employers rely heavily on illegal’s because they can hire them at or below poverty wages. It’s not that American won’t do the work, it is because they cannot live on the wages these employers pay. The illegal’s will work for those wages, and will send the majority of those wages back to Mexico. They cannot live on the wages they earn, however, when they band together and live 10 to 20 to a house, they can manage quite well.

“How many of these are jobs American’s won’t do?”

I did come across an article that spoke about one employer who actually laid off his American workers and replaced them with illegal migrants just so he could pay the migrants lower wages. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark the site and so I do not have the URL.

This all being said, however, we can all rest assured that Obama’s “Job Creation Plan” (whatever that is) will give each and every one of us a job. Probably on a state run collectivist farm. In fact, the “official” jobs numbers report states that 114,000 private sector jobs were created in July 2011 alone, and the libs are proclaiming that they are putting America back to work (Source). 114,000 jobs! Wonderful! Of course what they are not telling us is that 125,000 work permits are issued each and every month, to foreign nationals. (Source). So just who are those 114,000 new jobs in July going to? I could make a guess, but you’ve probably already beat me to it.

"We've got your jobs gringo!"

Read more about this here



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